Four days. Twenty hashtags. One big game of Flashtag.
Let’s connect for covert eats, drinks and good times.

Ready for a game of Flashtag? Your #DTLV friends are and we’ve put a twist on it just in time for Austin. Here’s how it works.

We’ll text you a hashtag with the secret location. That means you’re it. Get there within the time limit and tag the llama with your #DTLV wristband for eats, drinks and other surprises. It could be donuts and coffee to start your day or fernet and fried avocados to end it right.

Who can play? Only those wearing their one-of-a-kind #DTLV wristband will get the secret spot hashtag text. It’s a Hashtag Flashtag party and you’re it!


Step 1 Buy one of the beautiful #DTLV wristbands made by local Las Vegas artists below. All proceeds will go to support local Las Vegas artists.
Step 2 Pick it up at the Stitch Factory or from one of our Flashtag locations in Austin
Step 3 Check your phones starting on 3/6 for the hashtag for your first Flashtag location
Step 4 Show up, tag the llama with your wristband and have fun!

BUY NOW, prices go up in Austin! Wristband prices: $20 before Monday 3/3, $25 before 3/6, $30 in Austin

Stitch Factory is located at: 300 Las Vegas Blvd N #120, Las Vegas, NV 89101 • 702 476 5552 •

Flashtag with your friends from the Downtown Project, Work In Progress, The Mill, Stitch Factory, the VegasTechFund, Project 100, Zappos and more…

Originally posted 2014-03-12 13:43:24.

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