Taylor Dondich

Taylor Dondich is an experienced technical leader and the CTO at ProcessMaker, an enterprise software company empowering businesses to automate their internal and external processes.

Taylor was Senior Engineer at Yahoo in 2007, Senior Engineer at Splunk (which had its IPO in 2012) and the VP of Engineering at MaxCDN, which was acquired by StackPath in 2016. With his ample experience working both with successful startups and at powerhouse companies, Taylor is knowledgeable and experienced in technical execution and leadership. His specialties are:

  • The technical side of building and executing MVP products
  • Choosing and using the right technical tools for the job at hand
  • Building strong teams, both locally and remotely
  • Cultivating a strong, people-focused company culture

In addition to technical and leadership expertise, Taylor is a Certified AWS Solutions Architect. For those building in the AWS Cloud, he can help with effective deployment, security, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

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