Justyn Hornor

Justyn is, among other things, a nerd. He’s a full-stack developer with 15+ years experience, but he’s also co-founded numerous startups via bootstrap, Seed, and Series A funding rounds. He’s been through a couple of exits and mergers along the way, too. He’s a patent holder (US Patent No. 9,438,682) with additional patents underway.

Justyn’s specialty is helping startups with quickly getting to market to test their ideas, identifying revenue models and business models, and fund-raising. Schedule a session to get the support you need to turn your great idea into a viable, marketable product.

The ideal mentee for one of Justyn’s sessions needs help:

  • Finding the fastest, cheapest way to test the validity of ideas and/or business models
  • Rapidly prototyping apps
  • Acquiring users
  • Navigating the world of patents
  • Refining your pitch deck
  • Fund-raising

Feel free to also ask Justyn any techy questions, whether you’re trying to build something simple or you’re aiming for global domination by app.