George Moncrief

As a Tech Scout for AFWERX, George Moncrief brings entrepreneurs and developers together with Air Force decision makers. He helps develop and deliver new tech to airmen, giving every civilian a shot at selling their solutions to the military. This is a win-win, as solo inventors and startups get a fair chance at big projects, and the Air Force benefits from the best tech our community has to offer, even if it doesn’t come from an insider.

George is also a Board Member for the Rebel Venture Fund, where he helps startups get seed funding to do cool things.

Longtime WIP members might recognize George as the former Entrepreneur in Residence for VTF Capital. After Work in Progress was opened as part of the Downtown Project, he was the guy running the show.

His career at VTF Capital started even before Work in Progress opened, though. As a community ambassador, George acted as an advocate for all thing VegasTech, which covered a lot of responsibilities from event organization to pitch coaching. For most of his tenure, he was VTF Capital’s only full time employee.

George has years of experience helping contractors, freelancers and startups. The entrepreneurs he’s coached have gone on to make more money, establish valuable connections, and win the funding they needed to grow and succeed.

Who Should Sign Up?

Schedule a mentorship session with George Moncrief if any of the following apply to you:

  • You’re a developer or entrepreneur with tech you’d like to offer to the US Air Force
  • You’re a startup looking for advice on funding and acquisition
  • You need help designing or developing your product
  • You’re looking for more ways to connect with the VegasTech scene
  • You’re a freelancer or contractor looking for strategies to make more money