Our work environments are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. With the rise of technology and internet speeds being faster and more available than ever, a whole generation of workers are able to work from pretty much anywhere.

Workspace is defined as the place where you decide to do get done your work-related tasks. Here are a few of our favorite Workspaces.

Favorite Types of Workspaces


A lot of people have the ability to work from the road. With internet speeds on our cellular devices getting as fast or faster than our wired connections, work can literally be done while riding passenger in a speeding car. Quite the amazing world we live in.


More and more employees are being offered an opportunity to work from their homes. Often times this opportunity comes with the perk of your employer actually paying for your internet connection as well. Many people find this option highly desirable as it gives the ultimate flexibility in how you work.

In today’s world, you can literally work from anywhere.

Coffee Shop

Many coffee shops don’t mind people working from their business location as it provides then additional revenue by way of continued purchases of coffee and snacks. It also provides the worker a lot of perks that come with a home workspace, but you have the added benefit of being around other people and hopefully interacting a little more than when you’re at home.

Nomad Workspaces

There are a number of places that allow for work to be done for a daily or monthly rate to allow remote workers the option of establishing somewhat of a workplace. There are numerous benefits to this sort of work environment, but one we like most is that if you’re a coffee fan, usually the membership price is less than what it would cost for a daily coffee!

The Wilderness

Some people enjoy being outdoors more than anything, and if this is your chosen way of life there are options for you too. The next issue to overcome is power, and luckily we live in a futuristic world because we have options for that too.

There are numerous solar chargers online, but one of our favorites is the Volataic Systems charger. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it. There are tons of other solar chargers out there as well, just make sure you’re getting one that can keep your computer going throughout the entire workday.

Workspace Gotchas

How to Work Alone

No matter your workspace of choice, there are some general caveats to every type of workspace. Just make sure you know the good and the bad of every option before taking the plunge on a new idea.

Being Alone

A lot of the remote work options have one common thread… you’re alone… a lot. This can potentially cause mental health issues if you’re typically a social person, or if you’re just used to being around other people. As long as you know you’re the kind of person that likes quiet time, then don’t let this stop you!

Not Being Alone

What’s that you say? I just said being alone is a caveat? Yeah, well, not being alone at the right times can also be a huge problem. Think about getting on that ever-so-important conference call and having a member of your family walk in the room right as you go live. That could potentially be an issue you’d need to make sure you prepare for.

Technology or Internet Issues

Guess who doesn’t work with you at your remote workspace… That’s right, your company IT. Any internet or computer issue will have to be solved by, you guessed it, YOU. Hopefully most issues can be resolved by a simple reboot of the computer or router, but harder issues than that might end up causing you to take the rig down to the local geek squad. Just be prepared to handle your own IT.

Work Place or Work Space?

While your work place may be the physical location you’ve been assigned to work, the work space is a much more fluid concept that means you get to work wherever the heck you want, whenever you want. Choosing your work space in today’s day and age is both a challenging and creative process. The sky is the limit, quite literally.

Originally posted 2019-12-17 21:19:00.

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