If you’re making the move to Las Vegas to launch your startup or freelance career, chances are you’ve already scouted ahead for the prime business location.

Whether you’re looking to rent a commercial venue, join a coworking space, or rent a private office space, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to establishing your business.

While living and working on the Strip certainly has its perks, it’s important to consider many of the other Las Vegas neighborhoods that may not even be on your radar.

Need a bit of guidance on how to work in Vegas and where the best business locations are? No worries! Here’s our list of the four best Las Vegas neighborhoods to work in.

Downtown Las Vegas

Travel just a few miles north of the Strip, and you’ll arrive at Downtown Las Vegas, the original townsite and central business district of the city. This historic neighborhood has seen some revitalization in recent years, thanks to the online footwear retailer Zappos, which relocated its corporate HQ into the old Las Vegas City Hall in 2013.

Chief executive Tony Hsieh has continued to invest in the area with the Downtown Project, a $350 million revitalization project to turn the neighborhood into “the most community-focused large city in the world.” Work in Progress was part of that revitalization effort, and we quickly grew into one of the most established coworking spaces in the city.

Outside the ongoing revitalization efforts, Downtown Las Vegas features other draws for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. This includes several convention centers that frequently host events and conventions.

Those who play as hard as they work will enjoy spending happy hour at the 1920s-inspired Commonwealth bar on Fremont Street or attending open-air music festivals at the DLVEC, or Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

Freemont Street and Container Park are major spots downtown, and they are both hubs for restaurants, bars, and interesting shops.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for one of the best places to work in Las Vegas, start your search downtown. Check out Work in Progress for small events, coworking, or private office spaces.


Located to the west and partly within the official city limits, Summerlin is one of the fastest-growing and most affluent Las Vegas neighborhoods. Divided into three associations, this suburban community is close enough to the excitement and thrill of Vegas, yet far enough away to provide an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Don’t mistake Summerlin for a sleepy little neighborhood. This master-planned community boasts three resort hotels, nine golf courses, and a vibrant downtown area with world-class restaurants, entertainment venues, and well over 100 retail stores. Summerlin is a great pick for any up-and-coming Vegas entrepreneur.

Centennial Hills

Take a ten-minute drive north of Summerlin, and you’ll discover Centennial Hills, one of Las Vegas’ newest and most rapidly growing communities.

Unlike Summerlin, whose real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years, Centennial Hills offers a wide variety of homes at several different price points, making it a more affordable neighborhood to live in. It’s also a very family-friendly area as well, with beautiful orchards, parks, and farms encouraging outdoor recreation and entertainment for all ages.

More and more businesses are starting to move to Centennial Hills, seeing the value of this new master-planned community. According to Las Vegas Now, over 350 business permits were issued for Centennial Hills back in 2016, marking the start of a business boom that’s a hopeful sign for the future. If you’re looking for the perfect place for your business and you don’t want to be downtown in the center of the city, Centennial Hills might just be the community for you.

Spring Valley

Located two miles west of the Strip, Spring Valley is an unincorporated town in Clark Country, just outside Vegas. While the northern part of this suburban town is more rural, the southern area is developing rather rapidly, making it a great candidate for your business location.

Popular with young, business-oriented Millennials, Spring Valley boasts a diverse population with a variety of entertainment options. From the thrill of the Pole Position Raceway to the delicious cuisine of Chinatown, there’s something for just about everyone in Spring Valley.

If you are interested in working near Spring Valley, then we would suggest heading Downtown to work at a space like Work in Progress. The business opportunities tend to be more plentiful in that area.

The Takeaways

As you can see, Vegas is more than just the Strip. When it comes to finding the perfect location for your business, you can’t go wrong with any of these four thriving Las Vegas neighborhoods. From the up-and-coming Centennial Hills to the excitement of DLV, these business spots are the ultimate destination for any up-and-coming entrepreneur. 

Speaking of downtown, if you’re on the lookout for a coworking event space in Las Vegas area, be sure to check us out! WIP is a hub for the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds of Las Vegas. Contact us now to find out more about our coworking spaces, mentorship programs, and other helpful events and resources for business professionals like yourself.

Originally posted 2019-08-23 14:02:19.

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