Last year was interesting around Work in Progress! We had a great time hosting a wide variety of events in downtown Las Vegas, from dog parties, yes dog parties, to “thuggish ruggish bone” DJ listening parties.

We thought it was unique to see Work in Progress used for so many different occasions and purposes. Here’s the list of the most random and exciting events that happened last year!

  1. Tech Crunch Meetup Mixer
  2. Members Team Meeting
  3. Brainstorm/Feedback Workshop
  4. Leadership Meeting
  5. Spin-O Pizza Launch Party
  6. Instawork’s Job Fair Event
  7. Sustainability Leaders Show & Tell
  8. Easter Bunny Extravaganza
  9. Private Party – Polish Pitch Night
  10. Latino Leadership Meeting
  11. Dog Days of Summer
  12. Start-Up Bus North America – Pitch Night
  13. Las Vegas Summer Game Jam
  14. DJ Listening Party
  15. 3rd Annual VIRTUAL REALITY DAY
  16. Startup Weekend Las Vegas
  17. Cannabis Expo (No Smoking Allowed)
  18. Ketogenic Supplement Party
  19. #sincitypugs Christmas Party – You best believe Santa was there

The year included a lot of photoshoots, Meetups, workshops, hackathons & pitch nights!

Event Ideas to hold in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. Simulations – Demonstrate a simulation for how your product will work for your customers.  
  2. Market Night – A lot of people live and work downtown, but where are the fresh markets and farmers market nights at? 
  3. Product/Software Demos – Share your product or software with others.
  4. Video Shoots – A space to shoot a video for an interview or in-office scene.
  5. Pop-up Shop – Retail space for a day, or weekend. Etsy sellers and small at-home businesses welcome. 
  6. Dog Parties – We love dogs just as much as you, bring them to work with you or organize a party. 
  7. Art Expos/Gallery – Curated in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Come show off your work. 
  8. Low Key Intimate Live Music – Our Startup Garage is the prime environment for a small live show. 
  9. Team Building Classes – New Startup? Ice breakers, team-building exercises, open space. What better place to do it than offsite. 
  10. Interviews/Job Fair – Recruiting a bunch of new hires, our location is central, easy for anyone to get to. 
  11. Beauty Products/Supplement Parties – For anyone promoting a new supplement and want to host an introduction event. 
  12. Meetups – Teach a class, meet new people, grow your brand. Ask us about our meetup discount if you promote us as a sponsor.
  13. Birthday Parties – Dad turns 50! Grandma’s 80th Birthday! We can help set up space for a comfortable and intimate celebration. 
  14. Additional EXPO location – Didn’t get your booth in time for CES? Let us be your non-traditional booth. 
  15. Mixer/Networking – Meet people with the same interests, grow the community and build lasting relationships – Host a gathering of industry professionals for a reception and presentations.
  16. Coding Bootcamp – Teaching Javascript or Laravel, our rooms are equipped to handle those intense coding sessions. 
  17. Receptions – Bachelor Party, Weddings, Wedding Rehearsals, Engagement Party, or Doctor or Dentist Continuing Education Receptions
  18. Workshop & Show Case – Knit, Sew, Art, Fitness, Blockchain, Graphic Design. All industries welcome. 
  19. Improv Night/Open Mic Night – A safe space to laugh uncontrollably, sing and dance without judgment. Our Startup Garage can host up to 100 people. 
  20. Competitions & Battles – Cosmetology, Barber, Hackathon, Art, Makeup – Passion is our middle name (just kidding, it’s technically “in”). We enjoy seeing our community members showcase their skills in what gets them out of bed in the morning. Your hustle and hunger are what make WIP special. 

What downtown Las Vegas event will you use Work in Progress this year? We are stoked to be a part of your events! Always eager to get you what you need to be a successful host.

Stop by for a tour today and let’s make your next event the best one yet!

Originally posted 2020-02-07 10:28:03.

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