Office sharing is a relatively new term floating around the ether that primarily applies to coworking spaces. The idea of office sharing is that you probably don’t need a dedicated desk 24/7, so you save on rents by sharing that same space with a number of other people. It allows you as the rentee to pay less than what a typical rent would be but allows the renter to monetize that space a couple of extra times.

Office Sharing is the Future of Office Space

In a sharing economy, like we have today, the idea of more than one person using a desk during available hours is the future. Gone are days when you required a hard-lined phone, with a special internet connection, and you want to set up a custom desk space just for you.

Now we have a fast-growing remote workforce that travels the world while getting their work done. It’s an exciting time to be alive. That remote workforce needs the flexibility of working from anywhere at any time in any place.

How does Coworking solve the office sharing situation?

Coworking is a solid choice when it comes to sharing an office, mainly because of the structure of a typical coworking space. Many spaces like Work in Progress offer a “drop-in” style membership, where you can use the space whenever you want but you don’t have a designated desk. You just drop in and get to work at whatever seat is open at that time. We actually have three variations of this type of membership:

  1. Drop-in – 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday.
  2. After Hours – 5pm – 8am Monday through Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Open Desk – 24/7 access to any available desk

Office sharing space (coworking) near you?

A quick type in Google for “Coworking near me” will reveal the top places to work in your area. You’ll want to pay close attention to the reviews for the space as those are a great indicator as to what your experience might be as well.

Another factor you may consider when choosing a coworking space to work would be proximity to your location, you likely want something not only near you but also convenient for your clients or customers to meet with you at as well.

Originally posted 2019-12-09 16:16:09.

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