Coworking spaces are ideal office spaces for small business owners and start-ups to work and grow without the financial pressures of fixed-term rental contracts. These spaces have been great for freelancers also, giving them a chance to work in a professional environment where they can have the opportunity to be with like-minded professionals. 

Types of Coworking Spaces

With coworking spaces, you may imagine a large room with endless office supplies. Since there isn’t really a solid image that everyone can agree on when it comes to coworking spaces, it may be time to explore the different types of coworking spaces.

Conventional/Open Concept Coworking Space

The open-concept coworking space is not at all niche-specific or geared toward a specific audience. This conventional space has basic office amenities for you to get your work done. It’s definitely more of a collaborative working environment, so not for those who need a bit more privacy. However, these spaces are definitely easier on the wallet and booming with energy.

Niche-Specific or Specialized Coworking Space

These coworking spaces exist to serve specific customer needs. Depending on what space you visit, you can find “office” spaces like kitchens and field-specific laboratories. Common features of these spaces are larger workstation areas, specialized zones, and higher-quality meeting room facilities. Since they’re specific, they might cost a bit more than the conventional space as expected. However, what you can get done in a specialized coworking space may be impossible to do in a conventional space.

High-End/Luxury Co-Working Space

High-end or luxury doesn’t necessarily mean “fancy” when applied to coworking spaces. Spaces that are high-end may just mean that it has bonus amenities that you wouldn’t find at a conventional space. High-end amenities include ping-pong tables, an on-site restaurant or two, and even community-planned events. High-end spaces tend to offer additional membership benefits depending on your needs. These will be a bit more on the expensive side, but it’s a price tag worth paying if luxury and high-end conveniences are what you’re looking for.

Incubator Coworking Space

These spaces are geared towards providing mentorship, advice, and resources to small businesses and start-ups. Incubator coworking spaces are popular on or near university campuses, offering users plentiful research opportunities and nearly unlimited access to specialized equipment. Incubator coworking spaces are only available to start-ups for a limited time, which can add financial and time pressures. While classic incubators are available for a limited amount of time, coworking spaces with incubation in mind won’t usually impose a deadline which makes things easier and oftentimes more productive.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices give your business a physical address, where you can receive mail and meet clients or staff. This basic space is used only as needed. Depending on your general plan and conference room needs, this coworking space is anywhere from $50-100 per month. This allows you to cut down drastically on expenditures and avoid long-term leases, giving your business room to grow.

An All-in-One Space

Work in Progress in Las Vegas has the coworking space to meet your needs. The plethora of meeting rooms, dedicated desks, and endless community-driven events are designed to build up your business. You can contact our Las Vegas coworking space team today to learn more about gaining a membership.

Originally posted 2023-01-02 11:30:26.

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