The amount of remote work that is becoming the new normal is leading to added feelings of workplace isolation. When more work was done in person, this generally revolved around workers feeling like they didn’t quite fit in or that they were being left out in some way. With the advent of remote work, these feelings are two-fold due to the added physical isolation of working from home. 

If that loss of physical connection and community is what you’re missing, coworking spaces are a great solution to fix that. Coworking spaces give you that feeling of community and connection even when you’re working on a project alone. So how else can you use coworking spaces to try to beat remote work isolation? Let’s get into the different ways that you can do that.

1. Don’t Work From Home All Week

Not working from home kind of defeats the purpose of the whole work-from-home (WFH) thing, but being cooped up all day in your home office can be a real drag when it’s just you. It also doesn’t help that you’re surrounded by distractions. Try working from somewhere other than home at least a few times a week. This can be a place like a coffee shop, the local library, or even a coworking space. Each has its own advantages and downsides, but when you choose to be around other working people it helps boost your productivity. A great plus of doing your work in a coworking space helps you feel like you’re a part of a bigger community. 

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2. Make Lots of Video Calls

Whether you work with a team or you have lots of clients to meet with, video and conference calls are a real game-changer. Video calls allow you to have that face-to-face connection even when you’re in different time zones. Being able to use video calls is super helpful when you just really need to brainstorm, discuss ideas, or present something with your coworkers. Communicating via instant message or phone doesn’t have the same feeling and can make you feel disconnected, adding to your remote work isolation. Take advantage of what you can when it comes to high-speed Wi-Fi and private spaces offered at coworking spaces. These types of spaces have what you need to enhance your video calls and help you communicate more effectively.


3. Have Co-workers or Clients Nearby? Set Up In-person Meetings

When’s the last time you worked side-by-side with your team members? How about the last time you met with a client? If you’re all in the same city, why not take the time to meet up in person somewhere? Having a common place to meet up with your co-workers at least once a week will help you build and maintain professional relationships. This tip is great for employers too because it’ll give you more of an opportunity to check in with your workers in a more personal way than a “how are you?” text. You can have the meetings wherever you’d like, but if you’re looking for a setting that will enhance productivity and make things feel more professional, coworking spaces are the way to go. 

No More Isolation

Beating workplace isolation is something that will take time and patience, but you can get a head start on that progress with the Las Vegas coworking space everyone’s talking about: Work in Progress. Work in Progress has everything you need to make yourself feel productive, involved, and like part of the community. It’s the perfect place to work alone with people.

Originally posted 2022-05-10 09:40:25.

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