The coworking way of life can be transformative. Control over your professional pursuits and a sense of community — what’s not to love? 

While enthusiasts are well aware of the many advantages coworking provides, newbies often require extra motivation. This is understandable. Change — no matter how necessary — can be difficult to initiate. To help, we’ve compiled several coworking quotes that convey the value of this exciting lifestyle.

1. “Since we focus on community and connection, we want a physical space for people to build relationships.” – Ryan Wilson, The Gathering Spot

As a co-founder of The Gathering Spot in Atlanta, Ryan Wilson strongly believes in the power of connection to help up-and-coming professionals flourish. Before launching his coworking company, he sought a place that would be conducive to both working and developing strong connections. He’s since realized that a coworking space can become a close-knit community.

2. “By default, what happens when you stitch all of these different communities together, the impact that can have is, to me, exponential.” – Kate Bailey, TARRA

Much of the value of the coworking lifestyle lies in the diversity to which it exposes participants. Coworking professionals discover a wealth of people and concepts they might otherwise never encounter. 

As founder and CEO of the Denver coworking space TARRA, Kate Bailey points out that this opportunity can be invaluable to the many women her business serves. 

3. “It’s time to recognize that a new world is here to stay: We are at an early stage of a revolution in the distribution of work.” – Adrian Wooldridge, Bloomberg Opinion

Bloomberg global business columnist Adrian Wooldridge understands that the future of work looks little like the status quo that brought employers so much comfort pre-COVID. These days, hybrid work and freelancing are the names of the game. 

Coworking provides an opportunity to capitalize on this new reality while retaining many of the benefits that the previously dominant work setup provided. The sooner we accept the need for — and the opportunities provided by — alternative work arrangements, the better. 

4. “Rather than think of toiling in offices as the good, normal thing to which we’ll inevitably return, we should think of it as one of many working arrangements that deserve our scrutiny and skepticism.” – Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

In a thought-provoking piece for The Atlantic, Derek Thompson highlights the value of “soft work.” These are the office cooler interactions typically lacking in a Zoom-based, work-from-home setup. 

Soft work was a clear strength of the previous office-based model of work, but it can be achieved in other forms — namely, the modern coworking setup.

5. “[Coworking] offices must have what most homes lack: quiet, privacy, and amenities that support focused work.” – Kenny Kane, Forbes Biz Council

Forbes expert Kenny Kane explains what skeptics have assumed all along — not just any coworking space will cut it. The goal is a balance between inspiration, social interactions, and focused work. Professionals who find all this in a single space will enjoy a huge workplace advantage.

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