For entrepreneurs and freelancers, working alone from a home office can be a real challenge. Home offices are often fraught with distractions, making it difficult to concentrate on work.

Coworking spaces provide a solution, offering shared spaces and camaraderie with other tenants while still providing a dedicated space to focus on work. A recent survey from Coworking Spaces estimates that by 2024, nearly 5 million people will be based out of coworking spaces. 

The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

‌Studies have shown that coworking spaces can help employees perform better in their jobs. The US Chamber of Commerce reported that many see the ability to network and interact with people as the biggest benefit of these spaces.

‌‌Since most people in coworking spaces are freelance workers and entrepreneurs, they are often working on different projects for a variety of clients. When you’re in a coworking space, you’re not competing with other coworkers in your office, so you might feel more comfortable mingling or bouncing ideas off of your neighbors.

‌‌Harvard Business Review also discussed the benefits of coworking spaces in a blog post called “Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces.” According to the Harvard study, coworking spaces help people feel like their work is meaningful. When you’re working with people in a variety of industries, you get to tout your projects and explain your business. This unique dynamic can help foster collaboration.

‌‌Coworking spaces also provide a professional setting for virtual and in-person meetings with clients. Many coworking spaces offer conference rooms with white boards and projectors, making in-person and virtual meetings easy to conduct.

Las Vegas is a top choice for freelancers and others who operate small businesses out of their homes, but it’s also a popular destination for visitors looking for work or meeting venues. Las Vegas coworking spaces are popular for businesspeople who operate in Vegas on occasion. If you’re looking for a coworking space, you might have to search for the right office due to high levels of competition.

Predictions for Coworking Spaces

‌As offices increasingly shift toward decentralized models, shared work spaces are expected to increase in popularity. Not only do they offer an alternative to working from home, these workspaces are a good option for landlords trying to fill vacant office spaces.

‌COVID-19 has highlighted the shortcomings of traditional offices with regard to health and cleanliness. For this reason, coworking spaces of the future will likely be designed with more touchless features, such as lighting and doors, and open concepts may become less popular.

‌Since companies are increasingly open to letting employees work remotely, many people are moving from big cities to their surrounding suburbs. As a result, shared work spaces are expected to become more popular in suburban areas, offering remote workers more flexibility when they need to meet with clients or take a break from the home office.

The Takeaway

‌Shared office space is on the uptick. If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a remote worker who wants a focused work environment, you should consider a coworking space. You’ll be able to concentrate on your projects in a safe workspace and network with other motivated professionals. Coworking spaces also provide a change of scenery if you’re simply looking to get out of the house.

Whether you’re looking for a location to operate your business from or you just need a space to hold client meetings, you can count on Work in Progress.

Originally posted 2021-06-11 14:07:21.

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