There are plenty of folks that are making the switch from traditional office work to flexible self-employment. Because of this, we’re seeing coworking spaces pop up all over the country. A space like this consists of one big office space that comes with amenities that entrepreneurial creatives can use for a price. 

Are coworking spaces created equal? No — some might be better than others. A coworking space for creatives can give you the freedom and flexibility you need to grow your business, so let’s look at four things to watch out for in your search for coworking spaces. 

1. The Right Tools

Without access to the proper tools, it’s hard to build on your creativity. Your home WiFi might not be as fast as you’d like and the WiFi at your local coffee shop is not as secure as you’d think. Not to mention that you might not have the right tools at hand to be able to grow your business. 

Be sure to take in what amenities are offered at the coworking spaces you look at. Things like fast and secure WiFi, access to regular and 3D printing, dedicated desk spaces, and more could prove to be incredibly beneficial and worth every penny. 

coworking for creatives
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2. 24/7 Access

Coworking spaces offer flexibility in access. Any space worth its salt knows that creativity can strike at odd hours and that you shouldn’t be limited to regular business hours. You could very well wake up at 2 a.m. and feel ready to take on the world. Yet, if your home or city doesn’t have what you need, you’re stuck. 

A coworking space that has different kinds of membership passes, especially after-hours and 24/7 access passes, can mean a world of difference when it comes to the success of your creative career. 

coworking for creatives
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3. A Buzzing Environment

Coworking spaces buzz with movement, ideas, and opportunities. These spaces are filled with all kinds of working professionals like freelance artists, business owners, and more. Just being around working professionals also helps build productivity. 

Being in a coworking space for creatives means bumping elbows with people who can help build you up. You never know who you might run into and what those chance encounters can mean for your career.

A Buzzing Environment
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4. Cost-Efficiency 

Working from home can be nice but not if you don’t have a space that meets your needs. You might consider the traditional route of leasing an office space. That can be nice too, but the problem with that is the high costs.  

With coworking for creatives, you’ll find different access passes at rates that are way cheaper than leasing an office space. You can get a single-day pass when you feel like getting out of the house or you can rent offices and private spaces for when you need more wiggle room in your career and expenses. 

Build on Your Creativity in Vegas

There are plenty of things to look for in a coworking space for creatives, but there’s one thing that the above-mentioned have in common: Las Vegas coworking. Work In Progress in Vegas has everything a creative entrepreneur could want. Schedule a tour so that you can get the full picture of what working in a space like WIP could mean for your career.

Originally posted 2022-03-07 08:00:00.

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