Coworking spaces are complete office spaces rented on an as-needed basis with all the amenities of a typical office — without the hassle of dealing with the upkeep and supplies. All you need to do is just bring your laptop and ideas and get down to business.

Coworking in Las Vegas is a great idea. The only thing that could mess it up is you — or your neighbor. That’s why it’s important to enter any coworking space with a considerate understanding of what coworking etiquette looks like.

What’s a Typical Coworking Space Environment Like?

It’s crucial that people sharing a coworking space are all on the same page. So, understanding what coworking spaces look like and how they operate is crucial.

Depending on your work schedule, you may need a desk every day of the week or may need to drop in occasionally. At a coworking space, it’s very likely that you may not work at the same desk each time and that you’ll see a mix of old and new faces around you each day. But, it’s important to remember that everyone in the space is working at their own pace on their own schedule.

Nonetheless, one thing that’ll stay consistent is the comfortable desks, chairs, office equipment, amenities like coffee and water, and all you require in a typical office environment.

Las Vegas coworking space at Work in Progress
Las Vegas coworking space at Work in Progress

Being Respectful of Those Around You Is Essential

Unless you’re meeting with others to work on a joint project, be aware that those around you have their own needs and working styles. Acknowledging the needs of others around you is unique is a key component of effective coworking etiquette. Common courtesy is the backbone of these principles — be the example of professional respect you expect from others. A few considerations for acceptable office etiquette include:

  • Lowering your voice — Maintain your voice and other sounds at a volume tolerable to your coworking space mates. This includes sounds related to phone or video calls.
  • Being polite and nonoffensive — Be careful of the words and actions you use in the space as these things can negatively affect people around you.
  • Being patient and tolerant — It’s a shared space, and at times, you’ll have to wait to access shared devices or facilities. You must also be aware that others have traits that differ from your own, and you’ll have to tolerate these differences just as you expect them to be tolerant of yours.
  • Sharing fairly. Don’t dominate shared equipment, and don’t encroach upon others’ spaces.‌

Courteous Communication

Be courteous to others doesn’t mean you must always endure others’ poor behavior. Everyone in the room should have a mutual understanding of this code of coworking etiquette.

There may be times when you must speak up and address problems caused by those around you. But, remember that successful coworking etiquette is a balance of words and actions, and here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Be polite — We’re all professionals, so behaving that way and using respectful language when addressing an issue is essential.
  • Be direct — Don’t assume that the offensive party will comprehend the problem and correct their behavior just because you give them an expression of disapproval. Use concise words that define the problem, share how it’s bothering you and others in the room, and suggest how the behavior could be changed to resolve the issue. 
  • Be honest — It’s said that honesty is the best policy, and that certainly applies to communicating about an office problem. Speak up if it’s a persistent problem so others understand the acceptable boundaries.
  • Be fair — Give your colleagues a fair opportunity to correct their behavior on their own before you address it. You’d appreciate the same courtesy from them.

Work in Progress Is the Answer to Your Coworking Needs in Las Vegas

When in Las Vegas, level up your workspace with the coworking space at Work in Progress. It’s more professional than a home office, but it’s more liberating than a cubicle. You can enjoy our clean, convenient office and meeting spaces available — which with some common coworking etiquette, will surely enhance your productivity.

Originally posted 2021-09-10 10:00:00.

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