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Since the 2000s, coworking spaces have emerged as a popular alternative to working from home or in a cafe. With 81% of workers preferring a hybrid work environment, coworking spaces are expanding their offerings to draw in the best clients. This includes offering rooms to hold coworking space meetings.

What Are Coworking Space Meetings?

People might think that coworking spaces only serve the individual. In reality, coworking spaces can be very socially productive. Highly regarded business publications praise coworking spaces for:

  • Providing excellent networking opportunities
  • Expanding knowledge of other industries
  • Combating isolation
  • Avoiding office politics

With the 2021 boom, coworking spaces are now leaning into the social aspect and creating unique offerings for public meeting rooms. Holding your next team brainstorm session, client pitch, or company catch-up with a coworking space meeting has distinct advantages. 

The Advantages of Coworking Space Meetings

In the old corporate world, meetings were stiff and uncomfortable. Businesses usually had a central meeting location with the same featureless, uninspiring atmosphere.

In the new world of coworking spaces, meetings can be held in an area befitting the purpose of the meeting. A pitch meeting with potential clients could have a professional, ready-to-hit-the-market feel. A brainstorming session with your creative team could have a brighter, more inspirational tone. 

Coworking spaces also promote cross-pollination. One or any number of your team members could find themselves in a position to drum up new business while networking in the kitchen on a break. Many start-up companies make coworking spaces their permanent home while they get off the ground. This presents a fantastic opportunity for meeting new businesses that may benefit from your services or product.

How to Get the Most From Coworking Space Meetings

1. Variety

If you want to use a coworking space for different types of meetings, you’ll want to find one that offers diversity. Work in Progress Las Vegas, for example, offers meeting spaces that fit every need. Here, you can take a tour of the facilities to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. 

2. Amenities

You’ll want your meeting equipped with more than the basics. Wi-Fi, coffee, water, a table, and chairs aren’t enough to hold a successful meeting. 

Work in Progress offers clients parking, a convenient location, digital monitors and projectors, and other amenities to make the best impression during coworking space meetings.

3. Flexibility 

Sometimes meetings run over time, and you need to know your session won’t be cut short. The best coworking spaces for meetings will offer a grace period or the opportunity to transition from the meeting room to a more social area.

Work in Progress Las Vegas offers a contemporary reception area to transition overtime meetings into a space where the conversation can continue.

Plan Your Next Meeting at Work in Progress Las Vegas

Work in Progress Las Vegas offers meeting, coworking, and private spaces. Members enjoy added amenities and perks with a variety of membership packages. Take a tour and find your ideal coworking space.

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