Perhaps you’ve worked from home or worked at a coffee shop before, but you aren’t quite sure what makes a coworking space so helpful in getting great work done. You may be asking what is coworking, maybe considering taking a tour of a space. Let’s look at the way that coworking for a day could look for a worker who uses their coworking space to the fullest.


7:30 a.m.: Wake up and get ready for the day at your pace, choosing an ideal time to leave the house but not rushing.

8:30 a.m.: Arrive at the coworking space without having made coffee at home. There’s complimentary coffee and preparing your cup gives you a few helpful minutes to prepare mentally for your day.

8:40 a.m.: Find a good work spot for you today. Perhaps it’s sunny today and you’d like a window spot, or you’re a bit fatigued and want to work from a particularly comfy chair. Settle in and launch into your work day.

9:40 a.m.: Take a break from work to walk around and pick up a glass of water. The space is big enough that you can do a lap or two and feel energized to keep going. 

11 a.m.: While getting a refill on coffee, you run into two people in the break area. They’re also graphic designers, and they tell you about a big new client they are working with. They need some additional help, and you’ve been hoping to find another client. Casual networking creates this match organically, just because you work in the same space. They can quickly review your portfolio right there, and you all agree to see how working together goes.


Noon: You pull your lunch from the coworking fridge and are able to keep working through lunch, knowing you are on a roll.

1 p.m.: A client asks to meet up and look over some design assets together. You quickly book a private room in your coworking space for 4 p.m. and send over the location to your client. You get the benefit of the professionalism of an available conference room without the weight of a commercial business lease 24/7.

3 p.m.: You print out some of the assets your client wants to discuss on the in-office printer, and pick up your mail from the mailbox included in your membership. 

4 p.m.: Your client is visibly impressed with the coworking space, and when they mention that they have additional needs coming down the line for a future design project, you make a quick introduction to your new design friends. 

5 p.m.: Satisfied with your workday, you and a few coworking colleagues agree to grab a drink downtown before heading home. You learn more about their work but also just get a chance to unwind. 

8 p.m.: Because of your 24/7 access, when you realize that it’d be helpful to do a couple of late-night hours to crank out a project ahead of schedule, you can easily use your unique ID number to re-enter the office when inspiration strikes. 

As you can see, there’s a lot that a coworking space offers that is different from your kitchen counter, a busy coffee shop, or even a traditional office. The benefits of collaborative space alongside the separation from home life can yield some excellent results. 

Originally posted 2022-12-01 11:43:00.

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