Coworking spaces give freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility they need to work. Spaces like these encourage them to be productive as well as have a community that they can engage and grow with. Beyond just giving people a large shared office space with all kinds of amenities, coworking spaces can be used for a wide variety of work-related and community-building events. 

It could be time to start thinking about hosting and creating events that will engage, bond, and switch things up for yourself or your team members. These events could be meetups, classes and workshops, and even business pitches. If you’re short on coworking event ideas, Work in Progress Las Vegas has some to start you off.

1. Pitch Days/Nights

Starting a business or creating a product needs investors to get it off the ground. One thing that you could do as an entrepreneur is use a coworking space as a meeting place for investors to hear your ideas. You could very well end the night with some much-needed funding. In fact, the Work in Progress coworking space in Las Vegas has had great success in hosting pitch days/nights. An event like this could even be a class where you invite local business professionals and teach them the art of the pitch.

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2. Guest Speakers

Invite local experts to talk to your team and help guide them to success. The experts you invite will have a platform to share their knowledge on leadership, management, influencing on social media, and whatever else your business needs to thrive. These local experts could be sitting right next to you!

Guest Speakers
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3. Classes

We learn new things every day and what better way to facilitate learning than by hosting classes and workshops led by local experts. Events like these could be all about small business bookkeeping, how to manage multiple social media accounts for business, or even something as specific as teaching the basics of 3D printing. If the space you’re in has 3D printers, like the coworking space in Las Vegas, a class as specific as that could be useful for your employees or coworkers.

4. Meetups

Whether it’s once a week or 100 times a year, hosting meetups at your local coworking space will get your employees or coworkers out of the house for some real-life face time. Whether you’re meeting up to get work done or just catching up on the week’s events, you’ll be able to meet and engage with each other in a relaxed environment. You can add some flair by making these meetups also game nights, weekly breakfasts, or anything else that will spice up the workweek. 

Limitless Ways To Expand Your Community

Events can grow both your coworking space’s sense of community and the overall membership. Places like Work in Progress Las Vegas have been proving that time and time again. Here you can see that coworking spaces are more than just a place to work. Places like Work in Progress give members and non-members alike a place to expand their ideas, grow their businesses, and make lasting connections. 

Originally posted 2022-04-05 10:00:00.

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