How to build a pitch deck

How to Build the Perfect Pitch Deck

By Keaten Wankier / April 21, 2022 /

So, you’re starting a business. Congratulations! If you’ve reached a point where you need to secure outside financing, a pitch deck is a succinct and necessary way to communicate your idea to investors. It can also come in handy for pitching to potential partners, co-founders, and customers. The perfect pitch deck will clearly communicate your…

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upgrade your work from home life

5 Tips to Upgrade Your WFH Life | Work In Progress Las Vegas

By Keaten Wankier / June 1, 2023 /

Some workers have gotten to sample work from home for the first time within the last year, and the results have been incredible. A staggering 90% of employers have seen no reduction in productivity, providing a solid foundation for continued remote work post-pandemic. Remote workers are also committing to this way of life, with a…

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4 types of people

Work In Progress Las Vegas: 4 Types of People You’ll Meet

By Keaten Wankier / May 17, 2023 /

Work in Progress Las Vegas (or WIP, as the community loves to call it) is the original coworking space in the city, offering open desks and meeting, team, and private spaces for those who wish to reap the sweet benefits of a coworking space. WIP is not just about a desk and chair, however. Workers…

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Las Vegas Strip Picture Bellagio Lake

The Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods to Work In

By Keaten Wankier / May 10, 2023 /

If you’re making the move to Las Vegas to launch your startup or freelance career, chances are you’ve already scouted ahead for the prime business location. Whether you’re looking to rent a commercial venue, join a coworking space, or rent a private office space, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to…

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Coworking gives you exactly the amount of office you need

What Are the Pros and Cons of Coworking?

By Keaten Wankier / May 3, 2023 /

We might be biased, but we happen to think there are more pros than cons when it comes to coworking… but let’s review, shall we?

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Team Coworking Space Las Vegas

What is office sharing?

By Keaten Wankier / April 23, 2023 /

Office sharing is a relatively new term floating around the ether that primarily applies to coworking spaces. The idea of office sharing is that you probably don’t need a dedicated desk 24/7, so you save on rents by sharing that same space with a number of other people. It allows you as the rentee to…

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coworking day

Coworking for A Day: A Typical Day At A Coworking Space

By Keaten Wankier / April 23, 2023 /

Perhaps you’ve worked from home or worked at a coffee shop before, but you aren’t quite sure what makes a coworking space so helpful in getting great work done. You may be asking what is coworking, maybe considering taking a tour of a space. Let’s look at the way that coworking for a day could…

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Las Vegas Coworking and Harnessing Collaboration: Tools + Tips

By Kurtis Wankier / April 16, 2023 /

Everyone needs to feel inspired when they’re working on their best ideas. Enter coworking and collaboration.  Sometimes, you might want more than just stimulating music in your workspace. The people around you can be a fresh source of inspiration and motivation. If you need the energy of a focused work environment without the stuffiness of…

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las vegas event space

How to Find an Affordable Event Venue in Las Vegas

By Keaten Wankier / April 9, 2023 /

Las Vegas is a popular destination for business travelers, and there’s always some kind of conference or convention happening somewhere in the city. You’d think finding an event venue for your own use would be easy, wouldn’t you? If you’re putting together a small to a mid-sized event in Las Vegas, finding an affordable space…

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In Focus

In Focus – Work In Progress of Las Vegas: Why You’ll Thrive Here

By Kurtis Wankier / April 2, 2023 /

Many places claim to be the best coworking space in Las Vegas. Some claim to offer the best design or comfiest chairs, but Work In Progress Las Vegas gives them all a run for their money. What Is Work In Progress? Work In Progress is the iconic coworking space in downtown Las Vegas. But it’s…

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how to get more from your free mentor sessions at work in progress

Getting the Most out of Mentorship

By Keaten Wankier / March 26, 2023 /

Mentorship from the right person is valuable at every phase of your business. If you’re wise, you’ll never “outgrow” your need for mentorship. You’ll just graduate to different mentors. Of course, an entrepreneur that doesn’t use mentorship effectively never benefits, no matter how great the mentor. As long as you’re going to take the time…

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4 Fun Workation Ideas to Try: From Work in Progress, Las Vegas

By Kurtis Wankier / March 19, 2023 /

A workation is a vacation that includes work. It’s the perfect way to get away from it all without missing a beat. Work in Progress offers a variety of workation packages that include everything from lodging to activities. And best of all, you can work in one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities,…

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The Pros & Cons of A Shared Workspace: A Las Vegas Guide

By Kurtis Wankier / March 12, 2023 /

Coworking spaces have proven to be incredibly popular among the self-employed and remote workers of the world. These shared office spaces have given workers from all backgrounds and walks of life the freedom they need to succeed, as well as a sense of community that boosts their productivity.  However, like any workspace, coworking spaces have…

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some coworking spaces charge fees for extras, but free coffee is pretty standard

Working Out of Coffee Shops – The Cheapest Option?

By Kurtis Wankier / February 21, 2023 /

Is working in a coffee shop really that cost effective? Is working in a coworking space even better? Coworking has many perks over coffee shops, check this out.

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Outside Workspace

The Work Space of the Future

By Keaten Wankier / January 27, 2023 /

Where we work is as important as what we do while we’re working. Where do you work? Is your workspace future-proof?

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tips for starting a home based business in las vegas

Tips For Starting a Home-Based Business in Las Vegas

By Keaten Wankier / January 20, 2023 /

Considering starting a home-based business in Las Vegas? We know what that process can be like, here are a few tips to help.

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4 reasons for WIP post

Work In Progress Las Vegas: 4 Reasons To Check Us Out

By Keaten Wankier / January 13, 2023 /

At Work In Progress, we know how important it is to have a quiet, professional space where you can focus and get work done. Whether you’ve been working from home and things have gotten chaotic with your kids running around, you plan on traveling to Las Vegas and need a workspace for a few days,…

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Awesome Coworking Space Event

4 Awesome Coworking Space Event Ideas for Las Vegas

By Kurtis Wankier / January 6, 2023 /

Coworking spaces give freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility they need to work. Spaces like these encourage them to be productive as well as have a community that they can engage and grow with. Beyond just giving people a large shared office space with all kinds of amenities, coworking spaces can…

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communal office era

The Communal Office Era: Trends and Predictions

By Keaten Wankier / January 5, 2023 /

Coworking spaces have been in use for a while now, about a decade. These spaces are designed with community and relaxed finances in mind, giving working professionals a place to work, share ideas, and avoid the strict rental contracts that take a toll on building a small business. The decline and appeal of communal office…

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types of coworking spaces

The 5 Types of Coworking Spaces to Know (Which Do You Prefer?)

By Keaten Wankier / January 2, 2023 /

Coworking spaces are ideal office spaces for small business owners and start-ups to work and grow without the financial pressures of fixed-term rental contracts. These spaces have been great for freelancers also, giving them a chance to work in a professional environment where they can have the opportunity to be with like-minded professionals.  Types of…

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How to Find an Office Space

How to Find an Office Space You’ll Love

By Keaten Wankier / December 30, 2022 /

In the U.S. and around the world, the freelance workforce is expanding. More and more people are taking advantage of jobs that let them work from their homes, coffee shops, or anywhere else they like. According to a report by the Freelancer’s Union and Upwork, ten million more people are freelancing in 2019 than just…

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Exploring Las Vegas Coworking Space Privacy: Facts & Tips

By Kurtis Wankier / December 23, 2022 /

It’s no secret that co-working spaces in Las Vegas are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. They offer a great alternative to working from home or a traditional office, with all the benefits of social interaction and collaboration. But what about privacy? Is it possible to find a Las Vegas co-working space that…

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The Traveler’s Guide to Shared Office Space In Las Vegas

By Keaten Wankier / December 15, 2022 /

Traveling workers and digital nomads need coworking spaces that complement their lifestyle in order to ease their constant transition between work and travel and manage their time at maximum efficiency. But, finding a suitable shared workspace while on the road can be challenging.  Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space Working in a coworking space…

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reduce operating cost

How a Shared Workspace in Las Vegas Can Reduce Operating Costs

By Keaten Wankier / December 8, 2022 /

Using a coworking space has numerous benefits that make running a business easier and more cost-efficient. One of the ways coworking spaces is ideal for your business is how it reduces your operating costs. Operating costs are the everyday expenses required to start and run your business. These costs are things like utilities, equipment, office…

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