Kurt Wankier

Kurtis Wankier


Kurt Wankier is the owner of Work in Progress, the CEO of NeONBRAND Digital Marketing, and the brains behind iSee Metryx practice management software. With a business degree in finance, Kurt has a head for numbers.

He has worked with the Small Business Administration consulting with small companies, honed his analytical skills with Fitch IBCA, led companies in a variety of industries to success, and founded both the College Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) and Envision Management & Marketing.

Years of experience have made Kurt adept at translating raw data into valuable business insights.

Keaten Wankier

community manager

Meeting up in a coffee shop might smell great but it’s nothing all that suitable for a proper business meeting. Ditch the casino bars and coffee shops and try something more professional. Work in Progress has all of the private meeting spaces you need to make the right impression on your clients and coworkers.

Your team needs to meet face-to-face for a project. Or you don’t want your bedroom or kitchen to be the backdrop to an important business meeting with your client. No matter the situation, we have a space for that.

Check out the meeting spaces we have available. Whether you’ve found something you like or have questions, you can call or message us.

Keaten Wankier